Guidelines & Policies

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you sums up the best way to describe how we encourage Hosts and Guests to interact with one another.

Cancellation Policies

How is the cancellation policy determined?

The cancellation policy is selected by the host. They may choose one of three different policies: flexible, moderate or strict. These policies help to protect both our hosts and our guests.

How refunds are calculated if the guest makes a cancellation?

The total amount refunded to the guest will depend on the time of the cancellation and the host’s chosen cancellation policy. The refundable amount excludes PandaBed service charge of 12%.

Cancellation Policy: Flexible 1 day prior

You will be refunded the booking amount if you cancel the booking at least 1 day before check-in by 12 noon, local time. Please note that service charge is non-refundable.


If the guest paid a total of $112 and cancels more than 1 day prior to check-in, he would receive a refund of $100.

Cancellation Policy: Moderate 7 days prior

You will be refunded the booking amount if you cancel the booking at least 7 days before check-in by 12 noon, local time. Please note that service charge is non-refundable.


If the guest paid a total of $112 and cancels more than 7 days prior to check-in, he would receive a refund of $100.

Cancellation Policy: Strict 14 days prior

You will be refunded the booking amount if you cancel the booking at least 14 days before check-in by 12 noon, local time. Please note that service charge is non-refundable.


If the guest paid a total of $112 and cancels more than 14 days prior to check-in, he would receive a refund of $50.

Cancellation Policy: Monthly Rental

There will be a non-refundable first month deposit and 30 day notice for termination of lease agreement. Please note that service charge is non-refundable.


If the guest paid $1500 for a 1.5 month stay and cancels before checks in, he would receive a refund of $500 minus PandaBed fees.

How do I cancel a booking?

All cancellations must be processed through PandaBed.

If you wish to cancel a booking, please log in to your Dashboard->Manage Listings section and cancel your booking regardless of any previous arrangements with your host or guest.

Please note that a cancellation is only official once you have received a confirmation email from PandaBed.

Our customer support team will take care of your cancellation request and inform your host or guest. You don’t need to take any further action.

Can a guest cancel after already checking in?

If you have a serious complaint upon checking-in, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at [email protected] within 24 hours of check-in. We will cancel your booking immediately and you will be eligible for a full refund.

Please note that complaints made after this 24 hour window will not be eligible for a refund.

What happens if the host cancels?

Pandabed will help the guest find alternative accommodation.

The host will be charged a fine worth 15% of the booking amount. This will be deducted from their next booking.

Terms and Conditions

By using or accessing pandabed.com you acknowledge that you agree to and are subject to the following terms and condition. If you do not fully agree to these Terms, Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions posted or linked to any Site, you are not authorized to access or otherwise use the Site. Under these Terms, "use" or "access" of the Site specifically includes any direct or indirect access or use of the Site or any cached version of the Site and any direct or indirect access or use of any information or content on the Site, regardless of how obtained and the term "Site" includes, without limitation, any cached version thereof.

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1. The Site is a Venue and We are Not a Party to any Rental Agreement or other Transaction Between Users of the Site.

We urge all users to be responsible about their use of this Site and any transaction entered into as a result of either listing a property or renting a property. We do not own or manage, nor can we contract for, any vacation rental property listed on a Site. Pandabed.com act as a venue to allow homeowners and property managers who advertise on the Site to offer for rent in a variety of pricing.

We are not involved in any transaction between travelers and members even though we may from time to time provide tools that relate to a booking, such as a tool to enable a traveler to enter into a transaction to lease a specific property directly from a member. As a result, any part of an actual or potential transaction between a traveler and a member, including the quality, condition, safety or legality of the properties advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings (including the content thereof or any property or guest book review), the ability of members to rent a vacation property or the ability of travelers to pay for vacation rental properties are solely the responsibility of each user. You acknowledge and agree that you may be required to enter into a separate agreement and/or waiver prior to making a booking or purchasing a product or service and may place additional restrictions on your booking, product or service.

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Members further agree that they are responsible for and agree to abide by all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the advertisement of their rental property and the conduct of their rental business, including but not limited to taxes, permit or license requirements, zoning ordinances, safety compliance and compliance with all anti-discrimination and fair housing laws, as applicable. Please be aware that, even though we are not a party to any rental transaction and assume no liability for legal compliance pertaining to rental properties listed on the Site, there may be circumstances where we are nevertheless legally obligated (as we may determine in our sole discretion) to provide information relating to your listing in order to comply with governmental bodies in relation to investigations, litigation or administrative proceedings, and we may choose to comply with or disregard such obligation in our sole discretion.

Travel Advisories: Although most travel is completed without a serious incident, travel to some destinations may involve more risk than others. We urge travelers to research the location they wish to visit and to review travel prohibitions, warnings, and announcements.

Warnings of Suspicious Activity: While we do take certain measures with a goal to assist users to avoid potentially fraudulent or other illegal activity of which we become aware, we assume no liability or obligation to take any such measures or actions. In the event we do provide warnings or messages to users about any such activity, we do not warrant that such messages are accurate or that such messages will reach any or all users they should have reached in a timely manner or at all or that such messages or measures will prevent any harm, result or action.

2. Limited License to Use the Site.

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4. Limitation of Liability.

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